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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Utilise April Fools

April Fools Day is a huge day for small businesses and marketers. If you’ve never really made the most of it in past years, now is the time to change that. With April Fools Day just around the corner, your business should be plotting how to utilise it and advance the interests of your business in doing so. Here are 5 ways in which your small business can utilise April Fools Day

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  1. Have Some Fun with Stereotypes

If you know that there are certain stereotypes associated with your business or the industry you operate in, you can have some fun with these on April Fools Day. When you do something that’s over the top yet still kind of possible for a business like yours, you’ll make people laugh and get people talking; that only be a good thing from a marketing perspective, so embrace it.



  1. Introduce a (Fake) New Product or Idea

One idea that works well is creating a new product or idea that your business launches on April Fools Day. Of course, you won’t actually launch it but it can increase interest and get people talking before you launch a real product that you actually do want to sell to people. You get people’s attention with a comical, joke idea before unveiling a real product that you want them to buy.



  1. Find a Way to Go Viral

Getting your content picked up on social media can make a huge difference for your brand. When it goes viral and people start sharing it in huge numbers, suddenly a whole lot of people who had previously never heard of your company will know all about it. Use a trend and find a joke that really lands; it’s not easy but it certainly can be done.

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  1. Let the Business’s Personality Come to the Fore

One of the things that matter most when coming up with an April Fools Day prank is letting your business’s personality come to the fore. This helps people to know your company better and feel more attached to it. People don’t feel loyal to companies that are bland and faceless, so show the human side of your business and don’t be afraid to show some personality.



  1. Aim to Surprise and Increase Engagement

When you surprise your audience, you drive engagement with your brand on social media platforms. Do something that people really won’t expect because that’s what gets people interacting and engaging. For small businesses trying to succeed in the Wild West of online digital marketing, more engagement is always helpful when you’re trying to grow and improve, so make the most of it.



April Fools Day is a great opportunity for your business to do something new and make your brand better known, so be sure to make the most of it. Achieving the right tone and getting the humour right isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but if you work at it and take it seriously, the results will be incredible.

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