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Our Basic Branding & Web Package

Creating a strong brand is essential for your business to stand apart from others and dominate your industry. Effective branding will help your company gain a competitive edge and grow revenue. However, brand building is a challenging task that requires an investment of time, effort, and resources. 


In order to build a strong brand, you need to partner with an experienced branding agency. That’s where we come in. 

At Orange Reel, we don’t just do logos independent of a brand. We find that over time, the logo becomes a “stick-on appendage” on a range of different items, which dilutes your brand efficacy and begins to cheapen the business overall. As such, we provide an all-around brand creation package. We will help you draw your target audience through an integrated branding strategy. 

Our basic branding and web design package provides everything that is required to create a memorable and recognisable brand. 

Branding Package:

Branding Design

Our branding package includes custom logo design with variations. We focus on creating a brand logo that will resonate with your audience. We provide brand logo guidelines — fonts, exact colours, design etc. — that will help you to position your brand consistently and develop a unique brand identity. 

Print Design

We also provide a variety of print design services to our clients. Our experienced graphic designers use their creative magic to come up with targeted brand design ideas. We include the following print designs with our package. 

  • Business Cards design 
  • Contact Card (thank you note/correspondence card) design 
  • Invoice Template 
  • Letterhead design 
  • Flyer designs 
  • Banner Design 

We aim to create a consistent branding experience across different print media. This helps in creating a unique brand image that is at once recognisable and captivates the target market.

Social Media Design

Social media is a goldmine for companies looking to enhance their online presence. We make sure that your company portrays a professional image in different social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and others. 

Our social media contingent includes profile & cover pictures with 3 x promotional images.

The Branding Design, Print Design, and Social Media Designs make up our standard branding package (though we can add elements to this) and costs just £380 

Website Creation

A solid branding strategy starts with your website.  Before creating a website, we get to know your business and what it stands for. This information is translated to create a website with a distinctive brand image. 

We make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Also, we include Google integrated tracking code so that you can find out website performance through Google Analytics. If needed, we can include social media retargeting code so that you can create targeted ads for visitors who visit your website*. To integrate all elements seamlessly, our graphic designers can add tailored video and graphics to build brand awareness and increase conversion rates*. 

We create websites with self-edit capabilities. Using the content management system, you can easily edit text, images, videos, and other information on the website. Regularly updating the website ensures that the content always looks fresh and up-to-date. 

  • Website Mobile first creation
  • Google integrated tracking
  • Self-Edit Capabilities
  • Tailored Video/Graphics
  • Social Media Integrated code
  • Extras:
    • Blog*
    • Shop*
    • Facilities*
    • Video creation*
    • User Accounts*
    • Booking Facilities*
    • Landing Pages*
    • Custom Development*

The web package is priced at £380 

*items marked with an asterisk are at an additional cost

For more information about our customised branding package, you can send an email at or call 01442 780 600.

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