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Secure Hosting vs Standard Hosting

In the last year we’ve added secure hosting as a solution to the rising cost of SSL Certificates and their maintenance. This blog aims to set out what this means, and why it’s important.

What’s the Difference?

In short – an SSL Certificate. When we put you on a secure hosting plan, it includes a basic certificate. SSL (Or Secure Socket Layer) Certificates form a cloak of protection over your domain and website. It creates a level of encryption between the user and your site – away from prying eyes.

Why Is It Needed?

Your website info is open and public – everyone can see it, as we want. However, the user’s info is not and should not be so easily available. If you have an online store it’s incredibly important to have that level of security in place to protect your users from outside influences. But it is just as important for a website without e-commerce systems because they often use forms, login facilities, email sign-ups, social media integrations – which all take users information

What If I Don’t Go Secure?

This will depend on your website and your business type. Three possible options:

    • Nothing: If your website has no contact forms, has no sign-ups, shops or integrations, and your business also prevents cookies and blocks 3rd party cookies then you’re not in any actual trouble. That said, Orange Reel strongly advises everyone to use Secure Hosting.
    • User Warnings: No matter what your business and site, it’s not uncommon for users to be told a website is insecure and/or unsafe due to the lack of SSL. If you carry out ANY financial transactions on your site, then users will find it tough to access your site at all without the security. But that doesn’t mean sites which are not e-commerce are free and clear! Certain browsers (iPhones are a big culprit) expect them as standard, and see a lack of security a sign of bad things
  • Data Protection and GDPR Breach: This option comes complete with legal ramifications! Depending on your business, you may well have found yourself redesigning half of your business to ensure you’re compliant with the forthcoming GDPR regulations! But if you’ve been hiding under a rock, it comes down to this – client, customer, and personal information is private and protected! It is considered negligent and legally questionable to have unprotected client information. Having a website that collects client information without an SLL is akin to leaving client financial and personal information lying around the shop for anyone to copy and steal!SEO Security and Protection

Is it worth the cost?

YES! As mentioned above, not having an SSL is enough for browsers to block access to your website – regardless as to what’s on it. The standard cost of an SSL is £60 per year. There are cheaper options and more expensive as there are with anything. The cheaper ones usually require a high rate of experience to manage or are simply unreliable (think plastic padlock from a Christmas cracker securing your cash-box!). More expensive ones brag greater level of protection, large green banners in the browser to promise impressive security to users – or simply inflate profits of the SSL sellers! We utilise those which need more experience along with bulk client purchasing to combine affordable SSLs with your hosting at a mere £15 increase per year! These are low-end – but they tick the box, and if for any reason your site needs advanced security, we’ll let you know!

Hopefully, this gives you a good insight into Secure Hosting and why we advise it. If you have any concerns or questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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