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Working With

The Digital Lark

The team from The Digital Lark have decided to amalgamate their skillset with Orangereel to provide their clients with the best possible all-round service. TDL are supercharging their service by adding their knowledge and passion for digital marketing with Ky’s talent and experience in branding and creative design to enable a whole new client experience. By working closely together, you will now have two sets of brains and double the manpower behind your projects – giving you access to more specified skillsets from each team.

Complete Your Brand With Digital Marketing

The Cherry on Top

The Digital Lark specialise in providing digital marketing solutions and strategies to help drive your business forward online. They will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals and then advise the best techniques to achieve them. Their passion lies at helping small to medium size businesses and start ups boost their online presence. Whether that’s by increasing bottom line or building a loyal following.

Similar to Orangereel, TDL helps businesses become more visible online. Building professional websites and social media profiles, so your business is in the right place at the right time (when your customers are ready to buy, browsing online!).

E-Commerce Promotion

Social Media Management

Online Presence

How we operate

Once your online platform has been strengthened, optimised and performing well, they will look at the next steps to help you grow. From launching Facebook Ad campaigns to setting up email automations and sales funnels, The Digital Lark gives you access to a plethora of tools to grow your business online. They understand that digital marketing can be a minefield, which is why their aim is to use their strengths and experience to help you not only be successful online, but also to understand the process needed to do so. They will join your corner to help you achieve your business goals, boost revenue and put you ahead of your competition.

The Digital Lark has an array of digital strategies to help achieve a number of different results. They understand it’s not just about increasing revenue but also other important goals. Their mission is to work with you on a long-term basis, developing a solid relationship so that they are your “go to team” when you need help marketing online. Friendly, personable and an integral part of your business team – that’s their goal.

if you’re curious, this brand was created by The Digital Lark by Orange Reel to showcase their corporate personality.