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Fempreneur Academy

The Fempreneur Academy branding has been built as a two-part design. Firstly, the stand-alone brand featuring the primary logo, and secondly the Ursula Garrett personal branding attachment. They’ve been created to work independently and in conjunction with each other.

We’ve used a soft spring-centric colour palette to keep the materials fresh and attractive without reaching for anything too loud. A priority was to create something which would utilise the prestige delivered by Ursula Garretts own business and entrepreneurial experience without resorting to the more “stuffy” institutionalised brands.

The second line of thought when creating the brand was of simplicity. With the breadth of activities, an organisation like the Fempreneur Academy takes on, the range of marketing materials need to appeal to a cross-section of demographics. The simplicity of this brand allows for a range of design styles and colour palettes to be used in addition to the brand, paving the way to a larger number of women seeking success from their self-employment.

  • Client:

    Ursula Garrett
  • Designer:

    Ky Teasdale
  • Date:

    July 12, 2019