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Garrett & Assoc

The primary focus of the Garrett & Associates rebrand was to create a new public face for the company. A fresh, clean, and demographic centric image which appeals to the newly targetted Millennial audience.

We’ve used an interesting colours scheme, which isn’t excessively bold or bright but is effective and eye-catching.

We followed this vein in the font selection too. It was essential to use a typeface collaboration which was easy to read, clean and scalable to large and small print. However, this font also had to reflect the brand. We couldn’t keep the youth and vitality of the brand with a Times New Roman or Helvetica font.

Finally, the owl motif was an essential element to get right. We wanted to tread the line between cartoon and life-like without breaking with the brand’s themes. We also used the opportunity to integrate a family of owls – a subtle shift which demonstrates the family-centric themes of Garrett and Associates.