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The case study of

JTPT Bootcamp

Aug 2020

Our Client

Josh Thompson


JTPT Bootcamps

What We Did

JTPT Bootcamp

The Logo

JTPT Bootcamp

Primary Logo

The Rebrand

Like many small businesses, Josh’s initial offering was quickly augmented as the business began to learn from and adapt to its audience. What started as one-to-one personal training came to establish itself as a bootcamp – communal workouts, expert led, in rural areas; offering the same commitment to instruction and fitness, whilst adding a social component to make exercise fun again.
This initial brand created by the company in-house was aggressively masculine, had conflicting elements (in the form of a scatter spray outline, where the text and icon are very smooth) and didn’t reach his target audience. The brand strategy we established for the new look said we should be searching for a warm brand presentation which had an essence of strength and reliability. Josh is the founder of the company and expertly trained in all areas of fitness – but has been in the process of transitioning his attention to the running of this (and his other) business. However, we wanted to keep the personal touch and commitment from Josh that formed the business’s personality. For that we created a character for him.
This representation allowed constant personalisation throughout the business and its output. There are over 100 different character poses, expressions, and presentations to combine with the 54 varied logo types created.

Colour Palette


Dark Byzantium

Yellow Green

Pine Green

The palette was chosen to enhance the versatility of the brand. Attempting to blend the masculine with the feminine will create a more inviting brand to the potential clients – whilst showing vibrancy and excitement


We were certain that a bold, strong font was needed for the Bootcamp font – yet the worst mistake we could make here is causing the strong font to bring out the military connotations of the word. The beautiful selection of typography from designer Laura Worthington, gave us strength but with soft edge and fluid character.
JTPT Bootcamp