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Graphic Design

& Print

So many areas of business involve design – even a face to face exchange & business card swap!  It’s not an area to cut corners

Let us showcase your business

  • Digital — Our digital design incorporates website graphics, images for social media, ad campaigns and adverts on third-party platforms 
  • Print — It’s crucial that the physical parts of your business.  Our wide range of print design solutions will show your colours on any product
  • Brand — Our core services are branding and brand strategy – each of which stems from our graphic design core.  It’s why we know how to showcase you
  • Experience — Perhaps our greatest asset in design is our experience.  We’ve been doing this for years and know what does and does not work at the foundational level.  No one is experimenting with how your business reaches out to the world

No two projects are ever the same, which means we have fresh ideas to breathe into each of them.  We don’t recycle.


Proven Record

Happy Clients
We’ve been doing this for over ten years – the vast majority of our work comes as repeat business or referrals.


Making Design Work For You
We like to know our clients, to understand their business and find the design style that fits. If the client isn’t a right fit for a design, it’ll never be utilised

Ongoing Relationship

10 yr+ clients
Unlike cheap international design houses, you’ll always deal with the same designer who will get to know what you do and don’t like

Honest Feedback

finding the right design
We can make your logo a pig with 3 heads flying on a purple winged unicorn with fangs… but we’ll most likely discuss why we recommend something else and help you find the right style

State of the Art

Responsible Operations
Both our design equipment and contracted print houses are state of the art.  This means high quality and fast turnaround.

Scheduled Work

Flexible and On Time
We try to ensure our work is planned a few days in advance usually, but if you get a last-minute time-crunch project, we can usually help

Blue Sky Thinking

Excuse the “buzzwords”
We are used to branding an entire company and assisting on strategy down to scripted phone services.  So our designs go beyond the 4 corners of one page to work on a larger scale

Sensible Pricing

Fair Pricing
Our prices are not the cheapest worldwide – but when you compare those of our experience, with specialities in branding & strategy, we’re definitely competitively priced.

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