Ky | Branding SpecialistKy | Branding Specialist

Ky | Branding Specialist

As founder of Orange Reel, my trajectory and that of the business are inseperable. Below you'll see the timeline of Orange Reel and how it grew to what it is today. What it wont demonstrate, is how proud I am that it has forged a place within the community - not just as a service provider but as a contributor to multiple charities and support network for other businesses.

  • Business Consultation

    Pre 2009

    "A series of unfortunate events" as they say, led me to close down my businesses in 2008 and find other, more flexible, work. My experience and training lead me to business consultation. Small scale advice and guidance, generally centred around modernisation and online opportunities for local established business.

  • Health Sabbatical/Training


    I took a break from work due to health for a couple of years - only working with charities managing graphics and web day to day tasks. When I was well enough, I took basic courses through The Open University in Law, Ethics and Design Thinking before an advanced course in Business Management & Marketing. Knowing I couldn't launch back into a full-time business consultation career with my health, I furthered by knowledge in graphic and web design - allowing me entry to freelance work, with the most flexible approach.

  • Interior Graphic Design


    My freelance web and graphics work was the perfect stepping stone - allowing me to work in a concertina like fashion, in accordance with my health needs. When I had more functional ability, I began to design and sell interior wall stickers and exterior shop signage. A lateral move, quite by accident - I had the skill, equipment and opportunity, along with some effort and support I built a thriving and successful business; one which I ran in concert with my web & graphic freelance work.

  • Graphic Design & Web Development


    I've always applied more than the usual level of involvement designers offer. In part, it made business sense - when I help a client sculpt a full design campaign around a flyer, rather than just flat information, they become more successful and return. But it's also about my personal investment to a project and company. By this time I couldn't commit this level of participation in my web & graphics clients as well as run a full time vinyl business. Given the luxury of choosing my path, I left the world of wall stickers to embrace that of full time web & graphic design.

  • Branding Specialist & Business Coach


    In 2015 I took on my very first official branding client. Looking back over my portfolio, it's clear that these services had been intwined with my graphics work, but here I took a role in brand strategy, business planning and global thinking. As ever, I continued training and researching to hone my skills as a branding specialist and then a Business Coaching course through City University, London. Providing a wider and uniformed scope to my clients has lead them and I to greater success.

  • Onwards


    My progression to this role has been far from fluid. Much of it hard faught, tangential, and at times accidental. But I've found myself in a position which doesn't just provide a logo and disappear but a role that helps define the businesses I work with, continue their advertising and social media management, while refining their public perception. I'm lucky to have a wealth of happy clients who frequently recommend me, and a not only return but maintain near constant relationshiops as we advance their business, together.

Lisa | Branding AssistantLisa | Branding Assistant

Lisa | Branding Assistant

My branding assistant role focuses on Social Media Management. It's my job to put together the social media strategies and campagins for each client, to set up their online representation and manage the day-to-day. All of this has to fold in to the bigger picture of the brand; with every tweet we aim to solidify a new customer.


Ryan | VideographerRyan | Videographer

Ryan | Videographer

The latest major advance in social media is undeniably videos. The past 24 months has seen all major social media platforms adopt video tools - perhaps the most important being the autoplay on Facebook. The statistics on view rates, action taken and conversions from video vs text status is vast! My role within Orange Reel is to help its clients bring themselves to their audience throgh video.

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