Bar Anywhere

Naturally, the most obvious use is weddings - especially and non-traditional and outdoor locations.  However, they also provide bar and drinks services for funerals, cater to birthday parties, and offer corporate event packages.  Those alone are three very different demographic and marketing styles- leading us to create a brand which was versatile enough to be used in independent campaigns, skipping the 1-size-fits-all approach.

The base level for daily brands (i.e. website, cards, social media) where campaign specifics are not possible, is made up of neutral distressed tones, paired with hand-drawn illustrations.  One of the most substantial benefits to this is the artisanal flair presented instead of the over-polished approach which would alienate certain budgets, yet it maintains a high calibre and integrity which demonstrates the level at which the business trades for larger scale event planners

Bar-Anywhere Brand-01
Bar-Anywhere Brand-02
Bar-Anywhere Brand-03
Bar-Anywhere Brand-04
Bar-Anywhere Brand-05
Bar-Anywhere Brand-06
Bar-Anywhere Brand-07
Bar-Anywhere Brand-08
Bar-Anywhere Brand-09

{SCOpenGraph description=The rebrand project for Bar Anywhere showcases the versatility of the business.  Showcased here, the brand includes approaches for a range of events, pushing an artisanal feel over a polished finish.} {SCOpenGraph author=}