Do I Need a Business Blog?

Blogs for a business, company or freelancer can be an invaluable tool for opening lines of communication with prospective clients.  The ways you use your blog can offer different benefits and achieve different results.  Below, we outline some of the main reasons to begin one.

Developing Your Brand

As any Orange Reel client has heard us mention many, many times, Branding is the tools used to present your business and communicate with your demographic, whereas your Brand is the way the business is perceived. Whether your business is seen as reliable, tacky, expensive, prestigious, helpful or just commonplace – is all part of your brand.

So writing your blog allows you to help define that perception. You can add content which shows you as informative, release sneak peeks which increases the idea of prestige, or add local information which shows how the business is ingrained in the community.

Increase Web-Traffic

Having a website is akin to having a brick-and-mortar address – having the site great, but getting people to visit it is the challenge. Using your blog, you can entice people in.

Sharing a standard link to a product or service on social media is great – providing those seeing your Facebook post, Tweet or Pin are all looking for said product/service and ready to buy. Otherwise, the chances of them clicking that link is low!

A blog can cover a wider area which increases the chances of getting people to your website. A DJ posting a “How to Choose Your Wedding DJ” gets a greater interest than those who share “Book your wedding DJ from us now at £599”. You can use the content of that blog to best encourage the purchase.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Most small business owners get spammed by people worldwide offering SEO services. In theory, these companies aim to move you up the rankings of Google and other search engines. In reality, it’s rarely so easy. The costs are often high, a cheap or untrustworthy company can take action which accidentally downgrades your ranking, and often it’s not easy to see any results – or even if the company is doing anything other than taking your money.

However, SEO is still important and if there’s one rule everyone can agree on, it’s “Content Is Key”! When someone searches Google for “Autographed Anthony Joshua Equipment”, Google looks through its index of pages which uses those words to find a match. You may have a web page called “Signed AJ Boxing Glove” which is perfect for the searcher, but not showing up in the search results because you’ve used very few words on your site and the search engines aren’t making the connection.

Having a blog adds more and more content on a regular basis. The more content your website has, the more Google can compare it to search results to see if the site is a match. Of course, the content needs to be accurate and appropriate – just adding random content or information will actually get your site downgraded!

Target Your Demographic

Online advertising and social media have made the world of Demographics and Targeting are pinpoint accurate exercise. So why not utilise that, and speak directly to them? Let’s say you offer a 1st Birthday Cake Smash Photoshoot service. These are fun and exciting, not too hard to sell to the right person – but of course, the majority of the population isn’t looking to buy a cake themed photoshoot for a 1-year-old! Advertising that at large would be inefficient and expensive.

However, with one of our clients, we wrote a blog on Cake Smash photo sessions – covering the basics of what it is, how it’s done and what you need to do. We then ran an ad campaign on Facebook which showed the blog to parents of children who had a 1st birthday coming, lived within 25km of the studio, and had a median income suitable for the product. By using a blog, we were giving free information and not trying to make a profit on our first introduction, plus we were communicating with the demographic and then turning those communications into leads, and then sales.

OLF9520So What Do I Put on It?

As we said above, Content is Key, so you don’t want to share a Blog about whether Pamela Anderson is able to make a late-in-the-game comeback on your Financial Planning company website. However, if you want to discuss whether her bad investments will lead to a necessary comeback – there’s probably an audience for it!

Always avoid a SELL, SELL, SELL! attitude. It’s hard to do sometimes, but people don’t want to volunteer their time just to hear a sales pitch; they want to learn something, be entertained, get advice etc. You can enter products/services to the blogs – as with all the examples listed above, they mention the sale – but this must always be secondary. The primary content of the DJ’s blog we mentioned was “How To Choose…” so users were being informed. The Cake Smash blog gave information about the premise, not the product, and the sports memorabilia company does blogs on the sports personalities and tags their products. Even this blog has mentioned that we write blogs, and provide social media marketing and targeting services, but those aren’t the reason for reading the blog.

Finally, decide on the tone you want to use with your audience and stick to it. This way they’re likely to read more than one blog post per visit.

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