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Business Coaching has been growing in popularity and use for the last two decades, and more people discover it regularly.  It's not reached the same heights in the UK as other parts of the world, and personally, I believe that's as a result of the typical British stiff upper lip and aversion to asking for help.  
But in reality, business coaching isn't so much about asking for help, as it is finding ways to help yourself.

As branding specialists, we provide a business coaching on a spectrum between active listening and active engagement as follows:
  • Pure Coaching

    This level of coaching is about you, the client. We assess your goals in business, assess your life in relation to work and look for ways to get you to those goals. At no point is someone telling you what to do or how to do it, these sessions and exercises merely allow you to explore and discover methods to help you succeed in the same way a camera lens can bring things into focus, which are already in the frame.
  • Coaching

    with Consult
    This is a step up fom the coaching alone, and draws on my experience in business and branding, to help guide you towards your goals in the best way possible. As it's still coaching, you'll remain firmly in the driving seat for these sessions, I'll just help with signposts towards your goal or shortcuts available to make your drive towards success more efficient.
  • Coaching

    with Consult & Action
    From most sessions you'll leave with a to-do list of some description. Either action to take, things to remember or tasks to achieve. But in these sessions, I'll be taking action on your behalf also. This level of coaching ties in closesly with Branding Strategy sessions, but with more input and development of you as a business-person.

Our coaching isn't purely for business owners - we help all levels of employees, too.  Applying our assistance to management and executive level employees can be highly beneficial to the company overall; especially in a widespread scheme to support employees throughout.

Business coaching isn't for everyone - and the relationship between coach and coachee has to be the right one (just as with a personal trainer or music instructor), so we don't automatically accept everyone who wants a session.  That said, those we do coach often show great success in the development of themselves and their business.

If you're interested, let's arrange a chat.

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