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Utilise Your Branding

Brand Strategy

Branding is far more than the right logo in nice colours, making strategy a crucial requirement for every business.

Evolving Brands

The direct communication afforded business by social media means that we now know more about customers than in any time in business history. Add together the benefits of online-everything and we can tell where customers shop, where they go, what they do, who they do it with and combined, this helps us understand why. Of course, brand strategy isn’t about social media alone – there’s a wealth of information driven by market research, direct client communications and perhaps most importantly, the experience and expertise of the company we’re working for.

Appealing to Your Customers

It’s when this information is all combined that we can build a picture of elements clients best respond to. Let’s look at the basics – colour. Did you know in marketing, men hate purple, but women really respond to it? That green inspires the idea of clean and pale blues promote a feeling of tranquillity and relaxed interactions (which kind of explains aaalllll those blue social media brands!). And of course… everyone hates orange!

Identifying Your Clientbase

Now we’re just scratching the surface, though! If your primary demographic is in the 22-34-year-old bracket, we can tell you that they’d happily pay a little more for a product which was ethically sourced, or pay more to a company with strong community roots – they’ll pay more because they’ll trust you more – combined with a generation who are desperate to “make an impact”, the right packaging from us will help them feel like they’re contributing! With the right strategy in place, we can create reward schemes or discount campaigns to energise your base.

Honing Your Approach

Or course anyone can do that on a whim and some cheapo flyers from Vistaprint, but with the right strategy in place, you’ll know in advance if and why your customers are more likely to respond to a buy one get one free over a 50% off, you’ll be able to release teasers in advance to create ground level interest – launch big with pre-prepared marketing materials, and continue the roll out with a social media campaign which not only develops your brand further but gets your target audience doing the marketing for you!
As you can see, strategy consultations are a fantastic addition to your package with Orange Reel. Often there’s an element of strategy in most things, as we like to keep a unified operation for each client, but if you want a greater control of your brand – a strategy consultation will develop your business organically.