Book a Session

Using this page, you can select a service and book with an in-person or phone session with Ky of Orange Reel.

The available appointments are primarily split into three areas:

  1. Client Interactions
  2. Brand/Business consultations
  3. Business Coaching

The prices for these appointments vary depending on the expertise involved and ongoing work.  Whilst it may sound ironic, charging for these sessions allows us to keep our costs low!  

If you're not sure which service to book, get in touch first!  There are some nuances between the coaching/consultation side, as well as some confusion between existing clients and new projects.

As a general rule of thumb - choose consultation over coaching when you are looking to hire further services (such as design or web) and even if you're an existing client, a project counts as "new" if you're not currently waiting for files or action.


Meeting with our clients

There are many ways to work and interact with Orange Reel, but for some you can't beat the benefit of face-to-face communication. For those people, we have our in-person client bookings.

  • £0 - £20
  • 30-60 minutes


The most versatile of discussions

This is the service for those who are looking for feedback, guidance, opinions, expertise and more. Often there are follow up tasks as part of an ongoing project, so this is often just the first step. This isn't always necessary for a new project either - it comes down to your brief. If you've created your full outline of what the project/job will entail, we can jump straight to the project phase.

  • £30 - £45
  • 50 minutes


Helping you reach your goals

Coaching is a complex area of our business, primarily because each client-coach relationship is unique, as is the subjects they cover, targets they set, and progress they make. Among the benefits of business coaching are accountability, progress tracking, motivation, structure, and cognitive backup.

  • £40 - £80
  • 50-90 minutes


Which Appointment Do I Need?

This could be any of them - get in touch with some information about what you're looking for and we'll be able to help.

Where are In-Person appointments?

This depends on the nature of the session. Generally, client meetings are at your business location or a mutual location if that's better for us. Often Starbucks or Marchmont in Hemel Hempstead. However, business coaching and more sensitive appointments are held in pre-booked meeting rooms. Get in touch if you'd like to upgrade your client engagement meeting or consult to a meeting room.

How Do Phone Appointments Work?

Generally, we'll just call you at the booked time on the number provided. However, if you'd rather initiate the call or use video-chat/skype services, just get in touch and let Ky know.