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City Square

The brand we’ve designed for City Square Apartments was created to balance the needs of prestige and demographic appeal. The bright colours, gradients, city locations and clean lines combine to appeal towards the 25-55 demographic in professional environments. The personalisation, use of people in imagery, and showcasing cityscapes and world landmarks help to personalise the company. ideally, elicit an emotional response. l
We’re keen to push this brand out to the world and plaster every possible surface with the brand to lead it towards a recognisable logo.

Going forward, it’s crucial that the brand uses the colours and gradients we’ve created, maintains font use and layout styles. This is intended to begin the process of making City Square easily recognisable.

  • Client:

    City Square Apartments
  • Designer:

    Ky Teasdale
  • Date:

    June 14, 2018
  • Website: