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Plateau to Summit

Plateau To Summit is the creation of the author, business advisor, coach, and CPA, Ursula Garrett, CPA, MBA.

The brand is an international offering – with specific notes to the USA, UK, Canada and Singapore. This provided a restriction in ensuring a brand and visual representation of the company which didn’t conflict with any local trends or established patterns.
At the crux of the branding, Ursula is a coach and therefore the brand should need to be aspirational without intimidating, to be high end but not elitist.

Besides the international considerations, the personal influence of Ursula was an incredibly important factor. When a brand promotes a specific person, it’s used to both gain awareness and create segregation between the personal and business where necessary. This means in the first part we need to inject the brand with personal elements they feel (With Ursula it was her love of hiking and dragonfly motif) connects them to the brand. Beyond this, it needs to instil confidence to become effective.

  • Client:

    Ursula Garrett
  • Designer:

    Ky Teasdale
  • Date:

    August 8, 2018