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The Bluegate Potter

The brand we’ve established for The Bluegate Potter has been designed to instill the qualities of this emerging creative company.

The Bluegate Potter’s range of ceramics are made from clay dug from the farm on which they’re situated – this blend of rural, local, and ethical is what we’ve looked to encapsulate with the sigature blue gate design. In addition, the british made mentality is something we’ve built into the gave with a subtle, though recognisable, Union Flag shape within the gate.

For text, we’ve looked to distinct typography with clear readability. The primary font features a wealth of ligatures to offer an almost unlimited range of options we can bring to the advertising materials and website as the company develops, not to mention a distinctive wordmark.

The secondary font is a basic serif on the surfact, but has a great structure that presents itself in block text and taglines.

In addition to the primary logo configuration, the gate graphic alone, and the wordmark, there is also a series of gate icons (one icon available in each of the colours of the brand, along with black and white).

This icon combines the alpha silhouette of the gate shape (including thegrasses) with the TBP initials in the signature font used. This icon is the only point at which the initials are used, as regular use would lean in a far too corporate direction, however, initials mounted onto farm gates is not unusual in practise.

Beyond the use of this colour scheme and graphic elements are a set of 4 acrylic paint effects which we’ve used sporadically throughout the brand. The goal here is to add texture on deep colour or features to emphasise the rustic elements of The Bluegate Potter.