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Email Signatures

Look the part

Email signatures can be how someone sees you most of the time….

What does yours say?

Getting a well designed and formatted email signature is an essential tool for running your business.  Especially given the versatility they need

What do you need to know about email signatures?

As I go on about in the “6 R’s of Signatures” here, there is a lot of detail about why a signature matters.  So in true Blue Peter style….

Here’s one I coded earlier…

Example of email signature

It uses this awesome little animated gif – not a HUGE all singing all dancing stinger quality video.  A simple, image that’s compressed right down to email size, but is colourful and moving, so you notice it in an email!

Plus, we’ve configured it to play nicely on a mobile and in dark mode – it here is from my own phone: 

Email signature on dark phone

This is about as narrow as it goes.  But hopefully, you can see how that row of Josh’s social icons adjusts to take up the width available and stand out.

What does a signature need to be?

The 6 R‘s of signatures.

  • Responsive:
    Adjust to all devices

    Your signature needs to shift about depending on whether it’s being viewed on a tiny phone or giant tv.

  • Recognisable:
    Eye Catching

    It should pop out from the email page – be seen and recognised as distinctly you.

  • Reactive:
    Dark or Light?

    Many phones and apps offer a Dark or Light background for their users.  So if your signature has a black logo or text – does it just disappear in dark mode?

  • Resourceful:
    Packed with info

    Do your clients know your Facebook page? Your blog address? That you have a new feature? Why not show them

  • Relevant:
    Up to Date

    Is your signature using the best features it can right now? Or is it dated and dating your business as a result?

  • Revolutionary:
    New Tricks!

    We’re not reinventing the wheel here, but we can add buttons to send WhatsApp messages, or Messenger chats nice and easy.  Stay ahead of the curve.

Order Here

You can order your email signature right now.  This form works for most, but if it doesn’t meet your needs or you have questions – just drop me a message.