M&D Bouncy Castles

You'll notice two motifs in this logo composition.  Both a floating isle castle on the left and a Knight mascot on the right.  The mascot we felt operated well as a mouthpiece on what is often a fairly anonymous interaction (online searches, social media, email exchanges are all faceless interactions - the mascot adds a personal element).  The mascot can also lend itself to providing additional information on adverts and print materials - to draw attention to key facts.  The variation of poses the mascot has (those not shown here) will lend itself to years of materials.  It would also help to name the Knight - sadly, it can't be Mike for copyright reasons!  But it could be a great opportunity to reach out to your inherited audience. As this is a new business to them, a competition where kids send in name ideas and you select one on social media helps both adults and children interact with the brand!  Offering something like a free bouncy castle hire sometime in the next 12 months would have parents wanting to get involved to save on party costs!  Though if you want to provide a smaller prize, perhaps grabbing a few toys from Argos would work?

The castle is intent on lending itself to versatility.  We've arranged versions of castles in Pink and Browns, with green flags and red for versatility in future.  The knight is somewhat masculine, so using a floating pink castle on ads which appeal to girls can be in favour.  If the Knight becomes more successful towards boys, we can always give him a pet unicorn to appeal to girls!

Finally - you'll notice we've used the green in a background capacity and the blue/yellow as the feature.  Initially, our goal was to utilise the green, but in the bright colours, it wasn't easy to read on white backgrounds - and we don't want to increase costs such as invoice printing, for the sake of a green logo!  This blue will lend well to all shades of background, allowing you to easily print on a good quality home printer, instead of purchasing expensive letterheads.