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Visionaries | The brand 

In a not-insignificant way, the brand almost came out by accident.  Having put together the basic concept when I ruled out earlier design directions, I began putting the concept of this into a demo image.  With that image I found myself adding on more and more elements until the design was constructed!

  • Simple Text Wordmark

  • Full Image-mask 

  • Simple black version with equal efficacy. 

Allowing the integration to indicate season


As we discussed, I looked into the process of adding a hint of the season into the logo – a summer version/winter version and so on.  However, it became too involved and made it hard to prop itself up.  Our goal is to design it in a way that will allow the logo to be augmented without damage, such as:

  • Using alternate background images (examples below)

  • Flat logo colour variation
  • Using the seasons as a backdrop – as pictured