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Our Services

When we say our services are vast and variable, it's in no way an attempt to obfuscate. Simply, the branding needs of a chain of restaurants are substantially different to that of a mobile mechanic. It's also impossible to create a finite list - in the last year we have helped produce a self-help book, orchestrated several photos and video shoots, assisted in the sale of 3 businesses, and created branded dog bowls!

Our Services

Brand Strategy

With this service, you sit down with us and talk through the elements of your business; presentation, communication, social position, campaign return on investments, gaps and opportunities - there's really no area we avoid. From here, we look to create a strategy for improving the business going forward


This is a possibly our most requested service (initially). Branding - or rebrand - is about developing a visual representation of the business. From the logo to social media images, through stationary and print materials. We very rarely accept one-off jobs i.e. just a logo or a single flyer. These are not conducive to a brand's long-term success.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is often as much about the business owner(s) as it is the business. Over a series of sessions, we'll explore your current position and that of your goals - then work together to bring the two closer. Coaching can vary from detached listening and focus exercises, through to a more consulting and advice model

Websites & Online Campaigns

Websites are an essential part of todays business world - but the vast range of options available are staggering! We try to keep our web options simple, and tailored. We'll help create the right site for your brand.

Graphic Design

90% of the time, a brand must represent the organisation in a clear and consistent manner. To do this, all print materials such as flyers, brochures, business cards - down to the merchandising of pens, mugs, vans, storefronts etc., must be consistent. Our graphic design services incorporate all of this - and any other visual design you may require.

Social Media Management

With virtually all of our services, we strongly feel that they are services for outside consultants. I.e. the average carpenter would unlikely have the requisite skills to build a brand or design a brochure (although often they feel they must!). Social Media is one of the most demanding tools of the modern trade - to understand the vast platforms without training is virtually impossible. So we offer a monthly management service.

Print Services

We offer a range of print solutions for our clients. We operate with several print houses to serve our clients high quality, reliable printing at fair prices. A few of our services are listed on the site, but it's not an all encompassing list - so get in contact if there's something specific you need.


Basic Branding Package

Logo and branding materials for your business or organisation
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Basic Website

Essentials website build on a CMS
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E-Commerce Shop

An online e-commerce solution including a fully functional and designed web shop.
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Business Coaching

As branding specialists, we provide a business coaching on a spectrum between active listening and active engagement
hourly rate of


Brand Strategy/Consultation

In a Brand/Business consultation we discuss and advise on any issues surrounding your brand and business
hourly rate of


Print & Packaging

Starting from business cards to complex 3D-Print objects.

Animations, Motion Capture & VR/AR

Animations, Motion Capturing and Virtual Reality experience.

Photo, Audio & Video

Special audio environments or professional commercials recorded in our studio.

Individual Solutions

Every business is different and there is no one size fits all approach to branding. Get in touch and we can personalise our service to your requirements