Websites are a living,
breathing extension of
your business.

Maintaining Websites

Every website needs to be kept up to date - this isn't just your content or contact details, the framework the site is built on along with the templates and plugins in use, all need to be updated.  Anything outdated is a vulnerability for your business and your users.




Ad-Hoc and One Off Work

Whether you're looking for a one-off set of updates to be performed, an issue fixed, a few features added or maybe just a quick tweak to improve the experience - we can assist without a regular package in place.

Just get in touch and we can give your site a look.


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Website Security

If you're running your site on a system like WordPress or Joomla! - it's going to be a target.  This is simply part of doing business in a modern world, but it needs to be protected.  Maintaining up to date security is a requirement.  Damage to your reputation, users, website, google rankings, and financials are all possibilities when your security is lax.



User Protection

E-commerce Optimisation

When your website is your primary source of income, then it's a requirement to stay on top of the needs your website has.  Together, we can help optimise it for best reach, income and range.

Mobile Optimisation

Online Promotion


There is no fixed limit to our assistance when it comes to website.  Ask and we will quote!

Ranking Your Website

Optimising for Mobile Browsing

Security Focus

Improved User Experience