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Who you work with to create your website is also important – we’ve had ten years experience in creating websites of all shapes and sizes, and with each client, we’ve tried to apply knowledge and experience to their visions. We hope to do that with you, too!

Did you know, the first ever website was created August 6th, 1991? It was an explanation of the World Wide Web project, and is still live today – click here!

Websites have been a part of business life for around 20 years now. Their roots may have been simple, but the reality of today’s websites are vastly different. Just as traditional business premises reflects the organisation, the same is true for a website; people will leave if it’s messy and unorganised, clients do want to feel important and it will set the tone for your interactions.

We like to use Content Management Systems or “Self Edit Websites”.  These aren’t the notoriously unreliable and messy “click and drag” self-build sites, but professionally created websites that allow you to edit your text, gallery images and products, whilst your website looks and feels the same.  Updates are a crucial part of a website – if they don’t stay up to date they drop lower on search engine results, look stagnated and don’t represent your business or organisation effectively.  It’s simple to manage and costs nothing to update.  Of course, it’s optional, and if you don’t have the time or inclination to manage the site – we can do that for you.

Our sites are not sold or limited by a set number of pages either.  Your content should be laid out the best way possible, regardless of your budget.  When we have a chat about your needs and content, we’ll put together a basic roadmap of what pages you’d like – we can always add more down the road if you expand or change your mind.  We offer 5, 10 and 20-hour bundles so that when you need changes, they are easily charged upfront without surprise invoices.

Custom Development

If you’re looking for something a little different or tailored to your requirements – beyond a standard website, we can help.  We can offer systems integration, API development, 3rd party app interaction etc – create a system that pulls everything together, and saves you time and resources. We can even put together your own app.

There is a whole host of ways custom development can be integrated – and between our in-house team, and a network of tried, trusted and experienced freelancers, we can make the process and smooth as you like.

Ready To Start?

Get in touch, tell us what you need, and we’ll tell you how we can help. It’s really that simple!